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Juiced Upp Reviews: Legit Natural Steroid Alternative Supplements?

Juiced Upp is a company that offers multiple fitness supplements to help consumers to improve their performance and strength through workouts. The brand does not condone the use of illegal steroids, which is why all of their remedies are made with natural ingredients.

What is Juiced Upp?

Steroids have been around for decades, allowing men and women to achieve their goals of a chiseled physique that their fitness routine is centered around. Steroids require a prescription, but the potential side effects while using them are detrimental to the user’s health. For the most part, these types of remedies are illegal, especially in professional sports. Individuals that still want to get support for their muscle mass should consider an alternative steroid brand like Juiced Upp.

Based out of Bakersfield, California, the Juiced Upp brand originally launched in 2017 out of London. The founders focused on bringing the market natural steroid alternatives to give the users the effectiveness and safety that they need for their routine. The products work both in and out of the gym, according to the company’s testing facility. Instead of outsourcing any of the manufacturing, the creators have complete control of the entire process.

The creators at Juiced Upp understand that the idea of what qualifies as a “gym routine” has evolved. People nowadays want to maintain the right number of calories and protein in their diet, but the goals are much different. While some individuals want greater strength, others use this fitness time as a way to keep their mental stability. With so much knowledge at the fingertips of consumers, Juiced Upp aims to be a brand that meets any person where they’re at, launching them into greater success.

Every product by Juiced Upp is made in the United States, using an FDA-approved facility.

Products by Juiced Upp

Juiced Upp didn’t just stop at one or two remedies. Instead, consumers that shop the official website can order one of the individual supplements or they can order a stack, which is a combination of different supplements.

Check out the available products by Juiced Up below.

The Products

To get in shape, users have to start by deciding what their goals are. Luckily, no matter what they decide, they can find a remedy that helps with that goal. The current formulas available through Juiced Upp include:

  • Thermo Tone ($59.99)
  • Enduro Lean ($59.99)
  • Burn Boost ($59.99)
  • Muscle Upp ($59.99)
  • Rad Max ($59.99)
  • Star MKII ($59.99)
  • Sweet Dreamzz ($59.99)
  • Shredder ($59.99)
  • Power Upp ($59.99)
  • Mind Power ($59.99)
  • Hashtag Lean ($59.99)
  • Triple X ($59.99)
  • Beast Mix ($79.99)
  • Hulkster 32 ($59.99)

Thermo Tone

Thermo Tone helps users to reduce their weight while maintaining their muscle mass. With the initial cycle, users can expect to experience thermogenesis and a boost for their metabolism. It also improves energy levels.

Enduro Lean

Enduro Lean promotes better muscle endurance while users increase the amount of fat that they lose. It is made with organic compounds, and there’s no risk of losing muscle while getting in shape.

Burn Boost

Burn Boost helps users to burn through fat quickly without sacrificing their lean muscle mass. Though it works in a similar way to Thermo Tone, it helps users to also reduce their appetite, creating the calorie deficit that users need for weight loss.

Muscle Upp

Muscle Upp turns the user’s attention towards bulking up by boosting testosterone levels. It creates a certain fullness in the muscles, and it reduces the amount of time that users have to spend in recovery after their routine. This particular option helps users to improve their mental focus as well.

Rad Max

Rad Max offers a natural option for consumers to improve their testosterone levels, reducing their risk of water gains. It also improves the vascularity of the user’s extremities, creating dryer and more defined muscles.


Star MKII helps users to improve their lean muscle mass, bone strength, and bone density. It reduces body fat, and it reduces recovery time after a workout.

Sweet Dreamzz

Sweet Dreamzz helps users to get the rest that they need for better results. It keeps the user’s energy levels up, improving the user’s mood and mental balance.


Shredder is used to help individuals lose weight. It improves the speed of the metabolism, burning through more calories and fat, even while sleeping.

Power Upp

Power Upp works to improve the user’s overall performance. It helps users to increase their motivation for better workouts, but it also triggers an incredible surge for testosterone levels. Users that take this formula will experience a heightened sex drive as well.

Mind Power

Mind Power is less focused on the physical action of building muscle, addressing the mental focus that users need for a good workout. With better mental energy, users can put their focus and attention on their routine and maintain a stable mood throughout the day.

Hashtag Lean

Hashtag Lean is used primarily for weight loss, improving the user’s energy levels to push their metabolism further than it usually goes. It reduces the user’s appetite, and it could help users to burn through fat while sleeping.

Triple X

Triple X is an all-around supplement for mental and physical improvements. It supports endurance as well as it improves recovery and even enhances the user’s blood flow. It also boosts the user’s libido.

Beast Mix

Beast Mix is all about power and endurance. It triggers the user’s energy levels to build up lean muscles, and it also helps users to improve their endurance and recovery time. The surge in energy can last throughout the day to get long-term gains.

Hulkster 32

Hulkster 32 is meant for individuals who want major increases in their lean muscle mass, boosting both performance and endurance for the user. It is helpful to individuals who want to improve their recovery time, but it also increases testosterone levels.

The Stacks

The pre-curated stacks provide users with a complete lineup of what they need for different fitness goals, whether the user wants to lose weight or build their muscle. The current stacks include:

  • Cutting Stack ($119.99)
  • Includes: Enduro Lean, Burn Boost, and Thermo Tone.
  • Bulking Stack ($119.99)
  • Includes: Muscle Upp, Star MKII, and Rad Max
  • Beast Stack ($279.99)
  • Includes: Beast Mix, Sweet Dreamzz, Hulkster 32, Triple x, and #Hashtag Lean
  • Grow Stack ($219.99)
  • Includes: Beast Mix, Hulkster 32, and Power Upp
  • Shred Stack ($159.99)
  • Includes: Hulkster 32, Shredder, #Hashtag Lean, and Power Upp.
  • Perform Stack ($159.99)
  • Includes: Triple X, Power Upp, Mind Power, and Hulkster 32.
  • Wellbeing Stack ($119.99)
  • Includes: Sweet Dreamzz, Mind Power, and Triple X.

Frequently Asked Questions About Juiced Upp

Does Juiced Upp sell steroids?

No. These formulas are natural alternatives to steroids. They are completely legal, and the creators discourage users from buying steroids, especially online.

How long do users have to take the Juiced Upp supplements to make a difference?

Multiple factors play a role in how quickly users see a change. Some of those factors include the product they choose, their fitness starting point, and how long the individual usually takes to respond to a supplement in general. Consumers that already take a supplement or medication may want to check with a doctor before they start their regimen.

How do Juiced Upp products work?

All of the supplements work in different ways. Ultimately, the main purpose of each one is to improve fitness, and users can choose their supplements with their own fitness goals in mind.

Are the products by Juiced Upp safe?

Yes. The formulas are made with safe and natural ingredients, and no customers have reported feeling side effects from their use. However, users should speak with their doctor about any potential concerns that they have.

Where can the Juiced Upp remedies be sent to?

This company only ships products to US addresses.

What if the user isn’t happy with the results of their Juiced Upp supplement?

All of the formulas come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Users will need to contact customer service before sending back any remedy for a refund.

Contacting Juiced Upp

Even with the information found online, consumers may want to learn more information before they make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to or calling 1-844-886-1634.


Juiced Upp provides users with an opportunity to improve their fitness without putting themselves at physical or legal risk. The formulas have no illegal substances, and users can include them as part of a preworkout or recovery routine. Plus, there are curated stacks of supplements that help users to reach their goals with the right combination of multiple products at the same time. The Juiced Upp brand provides a money-back guarantee, even though it only lasts for 14 days.

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